How I Started and Scaled 3 Successful Businesses as a Devoted Mother, Wife, and Friend... Without Neglecting My Family or Getting Burned Out

Using a simple, evening ritual that puts control of my day back in my hands using my 4-Pillars Process™

News Flash:
Work life balance IS possible!


But you'd never know from the "always on" culture that keeps us strapped to our phones and imprisoned by our schedules.


I'm confident school never taught you how to thrive as a multi-passionate female entrepreneur.


You were never taught how to structure your days so you could run a business, manage your home, write a book and give back to your community.


Instead you've been forced to piecemeal a strategy based on what you see around you, often learning from older men who have no idea what life is like for an ambitious woman who is craving more than your average salary.


It's no wonder you feel pulled in 20 different directions, with shiny object syndrome taking the driving seat, stalling your projects from ever reaching the finish line.

You know deep down that something needs to change...

And I get it. 


Not even during my MBA did I get a single session on time management…


It makes me crazy that the only time I learned to succeed was when I was relegated to the “class for dummies” after partying too hard during my freshman year of undergrad...


But without being labeled a “failure,” I would never have learned the skills I needed to achieve my biggest goals. 


I would never have developed a system that guarantees I'll achieve my business goals while still having quality time to spend with my son (and take every Friday off to go to the spa).

Entrepreneurial women have used this 4-step process to achieve incredible results month after month.

Women Like Aimee...

"I always had a bunch of dreams and big ideas I wanted to accomplish in my life, but didn't have a roadmap. I'd look at how full my calendar was and freak out about how I was going to get it all done.


Now that I've just finished the first draft of my book, I'm halfway to my weightloss goals and I have started to systematize one of my businesses so I can delegate to a high standard."

Aimee Grover


And Jaime...

"Work used to take over all my thoughts, but now I find it easy to trust that my business will survive when I take time off, and now I enjoy time with kids and have started horse riding again."

Jaime Brandon



And Bec...

"I now carry my calendar everywhere, it's my lifeline. I'm so organized now. I used to be proud that I was always on fire, always busy. But now I love that I don't stress about anything because I know it's already scheduled and will be taken care of."

Bec Truong

You’ve written your to-do list to make sure you stay on track. You’re ticking things off (the easiest and fastest first)...

You have a long list of things you want to accomplish but feel pulled in 20 different directions and struggle to make meaningful progress on your biggest goals...


You feel like you need a month-long vacation to recoup...

But that's just a band-aid solution.


Because when you get back from vacay, even if you've been able to ignore the constant messages, you'll only be catching up, and never really getting there.








An Open Letter To Women Business Owners Who Need To Tame Their To-Do List And Get More Done In Less Time



As a little girl raised in Texas by a baptist preacher, my dad used to tell me things on repeat. 


But the one thing he said that echoes in my head to this day...


“It can be challenging to hit a moving target, but it’s darn near impossible to hit an invisible one”


Now, he’d usually say this when he took me to shooting practice at the range, but since those old days with my white frilly socks and my kids issue bow ‘n’ arrow, I’ve used his advice more times than I can remember to help me take a step back. 


Because right now, when you’re writing your daily to-do list, you’re looking at a bunch of moving targets....

You're trying to focus on what's in front of you, while seven fires burn in the background.

You're trying to "catch up" on projects without clearly defined end points so you never get the chance to stop and celebrate, keeping you running a matathon without a finish line.

You're trying to catch each 'next step' in every project in your life, and usually other people's lives too.

Einstein once said "Time Management is an oxymoron" because in reality...


...time management is actually task management - which means when you have the right strategy, the life you dream about is within reach.


And those women who seem to have it all? The women who Insta document their "perfect" lives...


...well these women have a secret weapon.


and the weapon?




And right now, you have the system...


The only problem is you only have the last step.



It's like having...

The sprinkles without the ice cream.

The saddle without the horse.

The cup without the coffee.

The reality is, without the first three steps, you'll never have the focus you need to get things done.


You'll stay stuck in your daily reality, where you spend most of your day in reactionary mode, constantly fighting fires.


It's risky to try to figure this out on your own. Wasting time on tips that save you three minutes here, and four minutes there.


These 'time hacks' aren't good enough for what you need. You're not destined for the "Hot Mess" designation.


This is why I developed the 4-Pillars Process I'm sharing with you in this book. The process I've been refining over the last 17 years with multi-passionate women from around the world.


In this book, you'll get the 4-Pillars Process™ alongside the tools and techniques I learned from my own incredible teachers, mentors and the "school of life" learnings I acquired through my journey as a wandering misfit turned corporate America dropout, a passionate and fiercely committed entrepreneur.


I've lived these methods myself for almost two decades and shared them with thousands of other women along the way. Women who'll email me 10 years after they learned the process, to tell me how it's changed their lives and they're still using these tools to this very day.


And now this woman is YOU.

How this 4-Pillars Process™ works

When you see "snap worthy" women on Instagram with their perfectly styled hair, their 6-figure passion-based business, and their daily gym routines... only see what's behind Pillar Four. 


Because when you have the same strategy working for you in the background.. 


You can give more

You can serve more

You can be with your family

Here is the 4-Pillars Process you need to rock your homelife and your business



Map out your long-term vision

• Clarify your annual goals

•Breakdown your annual goals into monthly maps


Add the "Big Rocks" to your calendar


And feel pumped



• Have your "secret weapon" locked and loaded with your 40-day plan


• Complete your monthly strategy session  


Have a roadmap for navigating the Pit of Sabotage


• Strategies to overcome your biggest hurdles to time management like lack of money, time, support or buy in and clarity


•  Phrases to help you say no gracefully (and with guilt-free ease



Have a crystal clear outline of where your time is really invested (using the time audit tracker)


Put your Spiral System Strategy in place to maximize productivity


• Prioritize your income-producing activities in your new weekly plan to boost your profits


Implement the 4 D's to filter your tasks for freedom



• Put a strategic review strategy in place to "bookend"

each timeblock so nothing slips through the cracks


• Banish "hangover" tasks from loitering on your to-do list for months


• Receive a copy of my personal Power Plan so you see how I map out my day


• Achieve Task List Zero at the end of each day

It may seem counterintuitive to invest time in to reading this book, but you need to remember the leapfrog effect of time management.


This is the phenomenon behind my ability to run circles around most people with my end results and productivity, even though I spend more time than most planning my schedule and mapping out an extremely detailed strategy. 


Whenever I've skipped my weekly planning session because "I didn't have time," I've lost TWO WHOLE DAYS of productivity.


Think of it this way, when I invest 2 hours in my weekly planning sessions, i save 2 days a week where I'd normally run around like a chicken with my head cut off. 


Now that a R.O.T that's worth investing in... Return On Time!


The 4-Pillars Process has worked for:

Corporate powerhouses like Lanita who saves 4-6 hours a week


Entrepreneurs running multiple businesses like Bec who saves 2-3 hours a day.


Multi-passionate Moms trying to juggle it all like Aimee who saves at least 5 hours a week


Entrepreneurs focused on their dream businesses like Jaime who saves a good 10 hours a week


Will this work for you?

Perfect for...

Women who run one or more businesses. 


Women who are juggling a corporate career with their side hustle. 


Women who have big dreams and need to manage their philanthropy in addition to running their family.

It's not for you if...

You don't have goals and dreams for the future. The standard to-do list is probably enough for you right now. 


You aren't prepared to take responsibility for where you are right now. You are your own changemaker - and this won't work if you're not prepared to put in the work.

The 4-Pillars Process saves women hours every day. 


What would you do with that extra time? 

• Invest in new customer acquisitions? 

• Learn Italian? 

• Take a class? 

• Go for coffee with friends? 

• Get a facial? 

• Train for a marathon?

• Hire people to help you delegate? 

• Sleep? 


Even if you don't know what you want to do with your time right now, it doesn't matter. 


You're about to get a proven process that will liberate you from the tethers of your to-do list so you can tackle the tasks that are going to make a huge difference in the world... 


...even if you don't know what they are yet. 


It's decision time. 


For just $19.95, you can get this four-step system to regain your focus, tame your to-do list and ditch reactionary living forever. 


Or you can choose out this page and go back to fighting files everyday. 



Fake scarcity? Meet #ChayaTruth..


...I know you're short of time, so I'll never waste it. 


You need to know I'm a straight shooter - because often you need more than a cheerleader in your corner telling you you're doing great. And sometimes you need to hear the truth, because when you can't see where you're going, you'll waste bucket loads of time - and resources - shooting in the dark. 


I'm going to unveil your invisible targets. I'm going to help you slow down your world so you can take your bow and arrow and have a heckuva chance of hitting the bullseye every single time. 


There is already enough vagueness and vulgarity in the world. 


So here's my truth. 


I couldn't run multiple businesses, the school system I co-founded, the community we support, and be present with my family every day if I didn't have this in place.


It's the process I developed after I wasted tens of thousands of dollars taking programs by men who just don't understand what my daily life looked like. 


A process that helps me achieve in every area of my life... because true happiness doesn't come with a paycheck. 


And I give you something in this book that most other people shy away from. 


My signature truth talk. 


You're an ambitious woman, which means you don't have time to beat around the bush. I'm not here to stoke your ego. I'm here to give you the scaffolding you need to structure your life.


I'll tell you what you need to hear to make your next steps the right ones and I'll deliver with compassion. Because when you succeed, I succeed. And this world needs more successful women. 


So here's the real talk: 


You're here because you need an effective framework designed for women like you who want more from life than settling for the status quo. 


Your current time management systems aren't good enough for what you need. 


I have a solution. 


It's $19.95 on my website right now... 


But for a limited time for you, as part of my Instagram community, you can get the book on me. 


So pony up and take the next step, even if that's closing your browser right now, because you don't have time to spend the next 45 minutes sitting on the fence chewing the straw. 


Time is your most valuable, irreplaceable asset. 


Let's do this.