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Introducing the only program designed to help high-achieving women rise above the rat race and be the architect of their lives.


It's time to stop forcing (even more) things into your daily planner. To truly master time, you need more than Type-A scheduling skills.

You’re a bright, talented woman, full of potential and power. Yet, somehow you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut of reactionary living. Buried under ‘urgent’ tasks and family responsibilities. No matter how you reorganize your tasks you can't seem to get ahead. Not to mention personal and professional goals you desperately want to accomplish but can't find the time to squeeze them in at the end of another long and exhausting day, month, year. This madness has to stop! Deep down you know you’re destined for more, and I’m here to tell you that you can have everything you ever dreamed of.

  • Are you ready to get out of your rut and start strategizing and prioritizing your schedule to include the things you want to do?

  • Are you ready to learn how to get from point A to point B in every area of your life

  • Are you ready to fix up your priorities and activate your life to a way higher level?

When I was struggling as an entrepreneur, I knew something needed to change. I developed an easy-to-follow system that catapulted me to levels of success I had only dreamed of.

I’m looking for women who are ready for a new stratosphere of success.

Women who are ready to pony up and cut through their excuses to find a way to achieve their dreams. Women who are ready to overhaul their life so they can see with the clarity of a master strategist.

Hi there!

I'm Chaya,

Serial entrepreneur, founder of Digging Deep for Success and the CEO of LIFE Global Schools, an up-andcoming school system with a mission to change the world by changing how we teach our children.

And I want you to know this: I haven't always been successful. In my freshman year at college I had zero tools of self mastery. I partied too hard and was only allowed back into my sophomore year on “scholastic probation”.

I was required to take a course called “Succeeding in College” and I admit I felt humiliated to see this class on my course schedule.

Then this program changed my life. As I learned more and more, I wondered why I had to almost fail to be taught how to succeed. Over the years, I’ve taken the formal teachings from my college class for losers and blended them with learnings from other masters in the field to develop my own system for transforming women’s approach to time management.

I’ve refined this system over the last 17 years while working with successful women from all backgrounds and from all around the world.

Until now this system has been locked behind the doors of my private students.

But now, for the first time ever, I’m making it available to women everywhere.

I want to put time-stressed, high-achieving women in a league of their own.

I want you to have a place where you no longer have to sacrifice time with your kids to succeed at work.

A place of abundance where you can nurture your own needs while carving out your place in the world.


You’re so busy that you're probably thinking you can just try harder…

But the truth is...

Without the right tools, you will never find enough time to spend with your family, learn Spanish or take three weeks off to visit Europe.

Because time management is much more than scheduling.

Right now your life is running on autopilot. You're not in charge; your subconscious programming is running the show.

You have accumulated unhelpful conditioning from society and your life experiences, which has led to unhelpful habits that keep holding you back.

You need to transform the way you think about your days, months and years. This is why your time management has failed you for so long.

This is why it’s so hard to become a master planner without help.

You need tough love to elevate you to your next level of success, because calling out the in-built behaviors that are holding you back is hard. Changing them can be even harder. But the rewards are worth it.


Introducing the only Time Management Online Coaching Program for high-achieving women that will give you the skills and the tools you need to overcome the madness of daily life.




  • Accomplish your goals...even the big hairy audacious ones you hesitate to say out loud.
  • Drown out the noise of everyday life and become a high-achieving machine without sacrificing your family or your sanity.
  • Feel zero guilt for following your own plan.

The foundational elements of the program are built around the 4 Pillars of Time Management. These methods can be picked up and implemented at any phase of your life, no matter what hurdles are thrown your way, so you can take back your power to create a life you love.


How The Time Management Online Coaching Program transforms you into a Time Management Maven in just

3 easy-to-follow steps.

Complete the Four Pillars training in the private members portal at a time that suits you.

Complete the homework set with each video.

Embrace who you really are with our private Facebook community of high-achieving women who will never tell you to relax, ease up or slow down.

Hard-working women only.

The system I teach is simple to follow, but some of the steps require hard work. You’re going to need grit because being a master planner takes more than colorcoding your schedule. To truly master time, you need to get deep and dirty with what you want in your life. Only you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps and consistently apply the necessary principles required to create your own personal revolution.

Whether you’ve tried and failed before or it’s your first time taking back your power to plan, this system is designed to work for you.

Get crystal clear clarity

You can't prioritize anything if you haven't done the inner work to know what you truly want (not what your mother wants). We elevate you above the masses by digging deep into your dream life using my Eight Lanes of Success Framework™.

Learn how to be a Master Planner with on-demand training

With this self-paced program, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to progress to master planner status, based on the 4 Pillars of Time Management.

These training sessions are available in the private members portal so you can fit them around your schedule.

Create a bullseye to focus your decision-making

During the program, you map out your own long-term life vision, broken down into extreme detail across every area of your life.

You work towards and guide all of your decision-making from this point forward. This clarity becomes your jet fuel and exponentially amplifies your passion, drive, work ethic, and personal power.

If you need inspiration or support, the members-only Time Management Facebook community is there for you day and night to help you reignite your dreams.

Instantly Implementable

This is not theory - this program is built on principles and tools that I’ve learned and practiced over the last 17 years.

All trainings are delivered with clearly explained tasks and detailed examples to help you make serious progress.


When women step into their power, they elevate everyone around them.

Think of the legacy you can pass onto your children.

And as a highly successful woman, you know you can do anything.

The training sessions are tough, but I know you have what it takes to be tougher.

All you need to do is commit to this plan to walk away with a master plan and the skills you need to achieve your dreams. And skills you can teach to your children.


An easy-to-follow path to success

You need to succeed at time management and fast! That’s why this program starts with the Eight Lanes of Success Framework™ so you can set off with laser sharp focus that enables you to action each of the strategies as soon as you learn them.

On-demand access to The 4 Pillars of Time Management video trainings to fit around your hectic schedule.

4 x 1-hour videos that walk you step by step through the 4 Pillars of Time Management which cover the knowledge and tools that all successful women MUST know.

These 4 Pillars training sessions will literally catapult you lightyears beyond the rest of the world, and you won't find these trainings anywhere else.

Fast-track your progress with immediate access to downloadable resources and templates.

Immediate access to downloadable tools and resources that you can customize to save you time, and keep you organised and on track.

A Lifetime of Support to Fall Back On.

Lifetime access to the video and downloadable resources so you can go back and brush up on the skills whenever you are ready to climb to a new level or feel challenged, tested, or stretched by life.

The unbelievably small investment from you?

One Payment of



60 Day Guarantee

If you don’t like the program for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

You feel like you don’t have enough time? I hear you.

You’re worried that if you say yes to one more thing then all the balls you’re juggling will come crashing down.

I’ve been there.

You're worried about the disappointment you will feel if you leave yet another thing not completed.

I understand where you are right now.

But right now you need tough love. And I’m gonna give it to you.

You’re settling for mediocrity.

Right now you’re wearing ‘Busy’ as a badge of honor.

The real truth of the matter is that B-U-S-Y is the driven woman’s

Ouch, I know that sounds a bit harsh, but you need to hear this.

Running around like a chickens with its heads cut off is your comfort zone. It’s easier to keep going with the flow of a reactionary, non-intentional schedule than to stop the madness, turn the tide, swim upstream and change your life.

And this starts by changing your schedule.


What do you think would happen if you found that same time now to sit down and plan out where your life is going and identify what you want to achieve?

This program is not ‘one more thing’.

This program is your ticket out of drowning in the everyday tedium of life.

You will learn how to get crystal clear on your goals, and how to restructure the way you think about time.

You will transform your approach to living so you never feel like you are the only thing holding everything together.

And learn how to say “no” gracefully, without any of the guilt you feel now.

It’s not easy to get here. And there will be challenges on your road to mastery, but you need to buckle up for the journey because I give you the tools, skills and support you need to be resilient when the road to your dreams gets really bumpy.

Be the woman who can say “I’m so glad I did” instead of falling by the wayside with those who wish they had.

Your time is now. You are one decision away from being the person you want to be…so make it the right one.


Being a champion in life is a mindset and I’m here to tell you what no one else has...

You can change your programming any time you choose.

I know deep down you have what it takes to win at this and I look forward to helping you change your world.

I'll see you on the inside.